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On Creativity & Self Protection

I wrote a post about becoming aware of a deep Want of mine: to feel limitless in my creativity. Ever heard the saying, 'you have to name it, to claim it?' I do find it empowering to name my Want, yes. In fact, I recommend it! But, while I've been "claiming" mine - acting upon it with intention - I've encountered a layer of "spiritual grime" that's built up within me.  This is where shields come in...

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Transitions, Patterns, & Mean Bus Drivers

Patterns in our life stories don't necessarily stand out at first glance. But, if you find yourself at a crossroads, facing transition or wanting transformation, put on your Author hat and view your life as the story it is. Doing so might unveil a pattern for your Hero self that you've not perceived until now. Me, I realized a pattern that got launched by a mean bus driver on my elementary school bus... 

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