I have 25 years experience as a serial entrepreneur, indie filmmaker, and story developer. I've worked as a creative producer, writer, developmental editor, director, or script consultant on all kinds of content: narrative filmsdocumentary films, screenplays, novels, plays, websites, educational programs, and multi-platform storyworlds (say what?). 

My gifts include intuiting stories and patterns from disparate piece-parts and guiding multidisciplinary artists, creatives, and entrepreneurial leaders to excavate and express their authentic voices with clarity and purpose. 

Me, I'm compulsively creative, mentally restless, and distractible. Depression and anxiety are not unfamiliar to me. Thus, I'm fascinated by brain science, mindfulness, authentic soul expression, and holistic wellness.

In my work as a visual artist and creative producer, I like presenting stories, experiences, or perspectives that are unexpected.

As a writer, and occasional workshop leader/public speaker, I explore the overlaps among creativity, mindfulness, and storytelling. I prod, guide, and inspire audiences to mine their own life stories for access to their inner wisdom and transforming perspective adjustments. 

Choose your perspective, transform your life! You have a superpower, and it is Choice.