Lorie Marsh
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Lorie Marsh
Soul Expressionist. Keynote Speaker.

Life is a story. You are the Hero.

Your superpower is choice.

Your story can be a road map instead of a cage.
— Lorie Marsh

I Guide You Through Your Own Narrative To Figure Out Who You Are, What You Want, and What Motivates You.

Stories help us filter our experiences and make sense of life. In fact, stories run through our minds every day as thoughts, observations, judgments, patterns, likes, dislikes. This internal streaming narrative can be distracting at best, destructive at worst.

Stepping back to examine our stories can foster a deeper understanding of who we are, what we want, our sense of purpose and direction, and our ability to interact with others. 

Or, not.

Depending on the stories in your personal rotation, you might feel stuck: cut off from meaning, direction, focus, or empowered connection with others.

That sounds isolating and craptastic to me!

But, know this:

You are the Hero and the Author of your own life story. You can choose how to frame your story for yourself, and to the world.

As a keynote speaker, workshop creator, and one-on-one guide, I show people how to use storytelling to tap into their inner wisdom for clarity, purposeful direction, and confidence.

I definitely do plan on using (Lorie’s) About Sentence! It will now be my map, my guide to the future, and will help me to avoid so many distractions. I’ve already used it when something caught my eye this week that I normally would have jumped on. I stopped, thought, and realized it was not my true want and avoided the distraction. YAY!
— Gerri, One On One Client
Lorie was fantastic. She was fun and engaging. I can see how to use this in my life and practice!
— Attendee, National wellness conference
This was fabulous! Thanks to Lorie! She was great and this was an absolutely intriguing and meaningful way to take a look at
yourself, your life, and where you want to go!
— Attendee, National Wellness Conference
Lorie is able to build immediate rapport with the audience! Her passion for her topic and sharing her knowledge is palpable and energizing. I felt that I was in a 1-on-1 workshop with Lorie while she was presenting to the group. She uses creative and clarifying words and phrases to further engage the audience. I highly recommend Lorie as a speaker!
— Angie, Women With A Mission Toastmasters