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Compulsive Creative

Serial Entrepreneur, check. Creative Producer of stage productions, independent films, multi-platform IPs, and online episodic series, check. Builder of own websites, check. Script Doctor | Story Analyst | Story Geek, check. This site is a showcase of all my creative work.

Visual Artist

I see Life as an epic story, and I'm the Hero of mine. As the Creator of my life story, I know that my Wants fuel my choices and the momentum of my soul's evolution, so I do my best to be intentional with them. My Hero wants to be seen and valued as an artist. Presenting my photography is one way I'm showing up to connect with my purpose and my tribe of fellow souls thrilling to the kaleidoscopic human experience.

Life is a story. You are the Hero. Your superpower is Choice.

Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader

Lorie inspires audiences to uncover their personal narratives in order to re-frame and embrace them for making confident, empowering, purposeful choices.

Lorie Marsh is an insightful, perceptive translator of personal narrative. She has the uncanny ability to untangle a person’s story and guide each of us to a path that is uniquely ours. Watching her present at the 2018 National Wellness Conference was mesmerizing.
— Caroline Carlson, Director of Marketing & Creative Design, National Wellness Institute

on the Front Burners


Producing the Talk2Think Show and its website, www.talk2think.com

Talk2Think is a weekly, live, interactive show of the So, do it! Society, a private, subscription-based online community for women craving:

  • Inspiration and encouragement

  • Real time access to experts

  • Meaningful connections.

The show’s format is a virtual conversation space for Society members to attend LIVE and get inspiration, ask questions of Special Guests, troubleshoot on the spot with other members, or clear their heads as they make sh!t happen.

One show is recorded every week for 13 weeks at a time, a “Trimester,” and posted for additional discussion in the online Society.


Lorie’s Latest Episode

Ever feel like you're tangled in the weeds and can't see the forest for the trees? Kristine Kieland is an Intuitive Psychic who offers guidance from Spirit and connects easily to universal love and guidance to offer clients a clear insight into themselves and loved ones.

Host, Lorie Marsh, has found that viewing life as a story is one way to tap into a higher perspective about what's getting in the way of her forward momentum. Lorie believes she's in the Life School of Service. Other Schools include Wisdom, Peace, and Love. She's keen to chat with Kristine about any patterns that she may have observed with her clients related to Life Schools. Plus, what School of Life is Kristine in, herself?

If Life is a School, what are you here to learn? Let's talk about forward momentum in your life story, and what gets in your way. A chat with an experienced Insight Dealer about healing trauma, recognizing patterns, and acting on your gifts with support from Spirit. Duration: 1:10.

Selling Photography Prints at www.loriemarshcreative.com

In my shop, I have images for sale as photography prints or metal prints, in sizes ranging from 8 X 8 to 16 X 20 (custom sizes can be possible). Categories include: abstract interiors, abstract nature, travel & architecture, black and white, landscape, and botanical.

I also work with art consultants, designers, wellness professionals, and private collectors to provide photography art for their collections. I am available for commissioned, one-of-a-kind projects and collaborations creating abstract visuals that tell stories of the unexpected!


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