Lorie Marsh
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Story Coach, Compulsive Creative, Keynote Speaker

Lorie Marsh inspires clients and audiences to uncover their personal narratives in order to re-frame and embrace them for making confident, empowering, purposeful choices.

Lorie Marsh is an insightful, perceptive translator of personal narrative. She has the uncanny ability to untangle a person’s story and guide each of us to a path that is uniquely ours. Watching her present at the 2018 National Wellness Conference was mesmerizing.
— Caroline Carlson, Director of Marketing & Creative Design, National Wellness Institute

Story Coaching

Your story can be a road map, instead of a cage. I show you how.
— Lorie

Testimonial by Jeannette Grace about her experience working with Lorie Marsh

Public Speaking & Workshops

Life is an epic story. You are the Hero and the Author of yours. Your superpower is Choice.

I definitely do plan on using my About Sentence! It will now be my map, my guide to the future, and will help me to avoid so many distractions. I’ve already used it when something caught my eye this week that I normally would have jumped on. I stopped, thought, and realized it was not my true want and avoided the distraction. YAY!
— Gerri G. Workshop Attendee

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I’m a maker, a doer, an igniter. I thrill to wearing multiple hats: one of them is Photographer. Click the peony to visit my shop.

Lorie is able to build immediate rapport with the audience! Her passion for her topic and sharing her knowledge is palpable and energizing. I felt that I was in a 1-on-1 workshop with Lorie while she was presenting to the group. She uses creative and clarifying words and phrases to further engage the audience. I highly recommend Lorie as a speaker!
— Angie Pokharel, President of Women With A Mission Toastmasters

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