Transitions, Patterns, & Mean Bus Drivers

Staircase image by @mel_iiii via Twenty20

Staircase image by @mel_iiii via Twenty20

The word, TRANSITION, might make you brace for being drop-kicked into an unfamiliar situation with the stresses that accompany a pivot event like that.

On the other hand, a transition can come about from a long-brewing pattern that needs resolution for you to ease into a better gear to keep moving forward.

The last couple years, I've been viewing my life as an epic story, to get insight and perspective about my path and purpose. While doing so, I've been slowly piecing together a pattern that's lurked through decades of my life, and it's prompting a personal transition.

When I first conceived an About Sentence for my life as a story, the Hero Description I embraced for it was Compulsive Creative: Lorie is a story about a Compulsive Creative... That description totally fit me in the present, as well as over a loooong time. It felt authentic, because everything IS a creative expression for me.

But, with that description as a baseline, I began getting another layer of insight about my Hero Description. Yes, I'm Creative, definitely. But, the secret is, deep down... I feel I am an Artist.

Creative. Artist. What's the big diff?

'I am an Artist' is a HUGE assertion for me, filled with trepidation. The reason why starts with a story about a mean driver on my elementary schoolbus...