Stories help us filter our experiences and make sense of life.

Sharing them can foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and a true connection with others. Or, not.

Depending on the stories in your personal rotation, you might feel stuck: cut off from meaning, empowerment, or authentic connection with others.

That sounds isolating and craptastic to me.

But, know this:

You are the Hero and the Author of your own life story. You can choose how to present your story to yourself, and the world.

Every story has:

  • a hero/ine (that’s you).
  • what the hero/ine wants.
  • a setting (where things take place).
  • supporting characters (friends, family, strangers, pets, Yoda).
  • an antagonist (the overwhelming obstacle, the villain).
  • theme, or how the story is framed.
Your life is an epic story. There is  power  in how you tell it.

You may say, but I’m not a storyteller.

But, every time you tell someone about something that happened or didn’t happen to you today, that’s a story. And, every one of your stories has power due to the energy behind it. If you become familiar with common aspects of storytelling, I believe you can use them as tools for self-discovery and personal growth.

If you find your Hero-Self staring at a wall in the current chapter of your life, you can learn how to put on your Author hat and explore questions like:

  • What do I want?
  • What message am I getting from my Antagonist? How do I turn that around?
  • Who are my peeps? Am I tuned in to my helpers and encouragers?
  • Is my setting bringing out the best in me?
  • And, finally, how am I framing what’s going on? Do I want to keep this point of view, or shall I change it?

My hope is that I can help others move forward in their lives by using these tools of storytelling.

Do visit often! Let’s inspire and encourage each other to quell our fears and limiting beliefs in order to rock acting on our unique gifts, shall we?