The four modules of this online course guide you to:

  • View and describe yourself as the Hero of your life story.

  • Identify your Fatal Flaw and work with it.

  • Identify a core, active Want as the Hero of your story.

  • Determine a core motivation for your Want.

  • Create a “cheat sheet” – your About Sentence – to stay attuned to your intention and motivation in your daily life.

  • Channel your attention to support your core wants and full potential.
    + Recognize willy-nilly attention-grabbers (“rabbit holes”) that will lead you astray.
    + Discern whether your “noisy” thoughts need further attention, or can be let go of.
    + Discern whether your distractions and obligations belong in your long-term story or not.

Clarify Who You Are, What You Want, and Why You Want It

This online course is for you if:

  • you feel overwhelmed by your own thinking or number of interests

  • you feel pulled off-track by daily distractions or obligations

  • you're at a transition point, and don't know which way to go

  • you feel stuck in a pattern that you can't see clear of

Via video instruction, text, worksheets and access to me in my private Facebook group, I guide you to view yourself as the Hero of your life story to identify your core wants and act on them with clarity, even with the “noise” of constant mental chatter or life distractions.