Individual Coaching

Stories help us filter our experiences and make sense of life. They run through our minds every day as thoughts, observations, judgments, patterns, and reactions to experiences.

Stepping back to identify our stories that are on “automatic pilot” can foster a deeper understanding of who we are, what we want, and what motivates us.

I work one-on-one with multi-passionate creatives and entrepreneurial leaders and mid-life/mid-career women who who want to navigate overwhelm with more focus, make life/work transitions purposefully, and make choices with clarity and confidence.

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I love listening to people and helping them glean A Ha! Moments from the stories they have about themselves and their lives.

Let’s mine the automatic thoughts and swirling stories you carry with you, day in and day out, and see them clearly to decide whether they're serving your growth, or limiting your potential. If they're limiting you, I guide you to think like the Author of your life that you are, and identify ways to re-frame them.

We’ll use my About Sentence framework to create a concise description of your life narrative. Through this work together, you identify who you are, what your “tragic flaw” is, what you want, and what motivates you.

My Hero Description instantly helped me to see the conflict between who I am and my fatal flaw. D’oh! No wonder I don’t have any time — I’m trying to please everyone. And, I think that may also be why sometimes I don’t feel respected.
— Claudia E., Instructional Designer/Sr. Project Manager

What Your Hero Wants Package - 1:1 Story Coaching with Lorie

You will have access to my online course, You’re the Hero, What Do You Want? The four modules of it present videos and text to guide you to view your life as an epic story, why this is helpful, and how to uncover your personal narrative. Each module presents worksheets for you to be able to:

  • View and describe yourself as the Hero of your life story.

  • Identify your Fatal Flaw and work with it.

  • Identify a core, active Want as the Hero of your story.

  • Determine a core motivation for your Want.

  • Create a resulting “at-a-glance road map/cheat sheet” – your About Sentence – to stay attuned to your intention and motivation in your daily life.

  • Channel your attention to support your core wants and full potential.
    + Recognize willy-nilly attention-grabbers (“rabbit holes”) that will lead you astray.
    + Discern whether your “noisy” thoughts need further attention, or can be let go of.
    + Discern whether your distractions and obligations belong in your long-term story or not.

To be very honest with you, I’ve taken a number of writing classes and none has been able to “get through to my why” like this one. Ultimately, even though I plan to write fiction, it IS going to be my own story that I’ll be telling. And so this “about” sentence is really going to help me write about my own heroine’s journey! And it’s going to be parallel to my own life and so it’s been a double gift!
— Leonarda B., Fashion Designer/Writer

The What Your Hero Wants Package is $499 and includes:

  • my Online course with videos, text, and worksheets,

  • 4 one-hour coaching sessions,

  • and email support between sessions over the course of 4 to 6 weeks.

I can also record our sessions to share with you, if you like.

All sessions are done via my ZOOM virtual office, or in person if you’re local to Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota. Sessions will consist of discussions about your results from working with the worksheets of each course module.

Payment can be made through Paypal (I will invoice you) or by sending a check in advance to me (I’ll give you the address).