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January 31, 2018  * 1 pm CST

Facing a transition? Stuck in a pattern? Distractible much?

To move forward in your life, it helps to know who you are.

Did you know you can use your own story for clarity and empowerment? 

WHA...? Seriously.

Viewing yourself as the Hero of your life story can help you identify your core wants and act on them with clarity, even with the “noise” of constant mental chatter or life distractions.

Lorie Marsh teaches about viewing our lives as epic stories, which helps us glean insights from a higher perspective, and guess what?

In your story, YOU are the Hero. The Main Character. Top Cat. BIG DOG.

Every story has an About Sentence, and so does yours. Because you're the Author of your story, too. I don't mean like heavy-duty writers such as Shakespeare or Tolstoy; I mean Author as in Creative Force! 

In this interactive 30-minute online workshop (with Q&A period that may stretch as needed), Lorie will teach attendees what it means to be both Hero and Author of their own stories and guide them to complete their own Hero Descriptions.

Your stories have power. I want to show you why, and how to channel that power to serve your potential.


  • Why Storytelling for Self-Inquiry and Personal Growth?
  • You Are the Hero AND Author of Your Story
  • Every Story Has an About Sentence
  • An Author's Guide to Hero Descriptions
  • Q&A and one-on-one feedback on registrants' worksheets