I can't help but love my kickass blue anorak.

Hi. I’m Lorie. I’m compulsively creative, mentally restless, and easily distracted. Nice to meet you.

I'm an indie film producer and serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience. I've worked for years as a producer, writer, script doctor, or consultant on all kinds of story content: narrative filmsdocumentary films, screenplays, novels, plays, websites, educational programs, and multi-platform storyworlds (say what?).

I've lived on the East Coast, the West Coast, indie film's Third Coast (Austin, Texas, y'all), and now reside in the Great North where I enjoy dressing in layers and eating starchy foods.

Depression and anxiety occasionally visit my psyche. 

I’m also a dynamo Starter-Upper, a Seer of Big Pictures, and a Gifted Cat Herder who seeks and finds meaning in my life through stories.

Everything is a story to me. I rock on stories.

In my own epic narrative, I see myself as an eternal Spirit blessed with a Relentless, Distractible Mind and an Open Heart. Therein lies the rub. I know I can go in any direction with my passions (and, I have gone in a LOT of directions); but, with so many paths that continually beckon, I get overwhelmed and —


I mentioned I get distracted, right? Sometimes that means I feel stuck.

I had a huge A Ha! Moment when I realized I can use my 20 years of film and stage experience to help myself and others to get unstuck, find focus, and keep centered: we can transform our lives by changing our stories.

This site is where I share stories about my own journey, stories about personal transformation, self-discovery, and mental health, online personal development courses, and live events/workshops to help people get their stories straight to live to their fullest potentials!

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